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To the heart of planning: is the hardware of spatial planning open to feminist alternatives?

Ir. Lidewij Tummers

This paper addressed the need for a new step in feminist theory concerning spatial planning: focussing on dynamics of exclusion within the planning systems. Feminists have articulated ‘women’s spatial needs’ in a variety of ways in the past three decades, and booked successes in pilot projects, gender mainstreaming policies and planning instruments. Urban theory and geography have addressed gender issues in spatial theories. The question how contemporary spatial planning practice reproduces its underlying concepts on gender-relations has been much less investigated.

This paper focused on planning processes and on the codes and regulations that guide design and decision-making on spatial interventions. Secondly, some examples of spatial issues addressed by feminists in Europe were given, identifying instances of planning systems enhancing or frustrating feminist alternatives. Thirdly I explored the theoretical potential for re-thinking planning systems from a gendered perspective. To conclude, I proposed some questions for a structural embedding of the insights gained from the feminist initiatives into a gendered approach to planning practice.


Eine Folienübersicht zum Vortrag finden sie hier: To the heart of planning-PDF